Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So typically I'm the sort of person who is a great sleeper. My head hits the pillow, and I'm asleep in no time at all. And then I stay sleeping until it's morning (or until a certain Man-Kitty yowls for breakfast). For the past few days, however, I keep waking up approximately 3-4 hours after I've fallen asleep, and then I can't really go back to sleep to the point where I feel rested when it's really time to wake up. In addition, the waking up makes me restless, which then causes me to wake the kittens up, so all of us are cranky and off schedule. And then on top of that, I didn't buy coffee yesterday, and so I was down to the last of it, so I did this totally depression-era thing where I ran yesterday's leftover coffee back through the coffee maker along with some water and the remains of the coffee in the can (like 3 tbsp). It actually tastes pretty good, though I may just be lying to myself about that so that I won't be disgusted with myself.

In other news, I live in a Valley of Pestilence and Airborn Allergens, and so I'm sniffly and my eyes are watering (allergy meds have not kicked in yet). And I have about a thousand meetings today, as well as a mountain of grading, and BES has disappeared into the dark place where thesis students who are avoiding their advisers go. She'll have to see me today, but I feel like this might end up being one of those times where she cries. Sigh. I really can't hang with her crying today. And yes, I know that makes me a bitch, but seriously: I've got enough without that, too.

I'm also doing the thing where I'm reading stuff and I keep coming across passages that are Very Deep and Connected to My Life. I hate when I do that.

So yes. I am whiny and I'm annoying. And I'm feeling sorry for myself.

But it is Wednesday. Not long until the weekend. I must remind myself of that.


James said...

I'm with you on the sleeplessness unfortunately, though in my case it's caused by my neighbors who come in drunk in the middle of the night. Benadryl helps with both sleep and allergies to some extent, so that's my recommendation, but the side effects are too annoying for me to take it regularly.

Bobba Lynx said...

And I was (am) going to guess that it is that time of semester, because I've been waking up at 4:00 am and fruitlessly trying to get back to sleep, whereas I can usually dream an entire blockbuster movie between snooze button hits.

Horace said...

If I could make a suggestion about the sleeplessness without sounding self-righteous: Exercise in the afternoon or early evening...if you're body is as tired as you're mind, you're more likely to sleep deeply.

Or you can try drugs.

Horace said...

you're? your? so much for self-righteousness...