Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lost Weekend

I have so much to do that it's ridiculous. But this weekend has been almost an entire loss. Well, unless we count the fact that I do feel very rested and like I'm not so stressed as I've been.

See, it all started with BES coming over Friday night. Because we're both idiots, we started drinking wine, um, immediately. Now, we did accomplish some important stuff with the thesis, most particularly related to me showing her that she does in fact know how to talk about theory, using the exact same skills that she uses all the time to talk about literary texts. There were a number of "aha" moments, in which she saw exactly what I meant about organization, in which she figured out why the theory connects to what she's trying to say, in which we really delved into the comments I'd left on her draft.... So work-wise, it was worth doing. However, as the wine kept flowing, some other things happened as well, most of which involved gossip and silliness. And I tried to force her to start calling me by my first name, which was hilarious, we ordered a pizza, etc.

As I am no longer 22 years old, I was beat all day yesterday, and I accomplished nothing other than making dinner.

Today, I've thought about work, but that's where that has begun and ended.

So this week promises to be busy busy, but I think I may just call today a wash and continue to enjoy relaxing. Doesn't make for interesting blog fodder, but it does make me feel like more of a human being, for whatever that's worth.

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