Monday, January 26, 2009

Writing, Writing

The review is still in the works, because I always forget to include time for thinking. That said, it will be done by this evening! Huzzah! I am making steady progress!

This morning, I also wrote a test and a review sheet.

I also wrote an email or two.

Apparently, this is a writing sort of time for me right now.

The problem is, there are a bunch of blog posts I'd like to write, but what with all of the other writing, I probably will never write them. So here are things that I would write about on this here blog if I had any sort of writing energy:

  • The changing face of my university and department and how with change comes discomfort.
  • Relationships and Models for Happiness
  • An update on the Fitness stuff
  • Thoughts about what makes a good curriculum for a major
  • Complaints about colleagues who always seem to be whining about having too much to do who don't, in fact, do much of anything, and yet somehow one is always scheduling meetings around them even though they're actually slackers.
  • The tale of the student who called me an asshole last week.
But I'm writing things that actually count for my job, so you all will have to just consider the above topics independently. You can comment about them, or you can vote for which you'd actually like to see me write about (although, just as with the Electoral College of My Hair, the Electoral College of the Blog makes all such decisions independently, really, and so your votes may not actually count), you can just talk amongst yourselves about other issues of the day.... Really, the world is your oyster. Because I'm too busy, so you can feel free to do whatever you want. In this regard, you might think of yourselves as the latch-key-kids of my blog, who will take a swig from each bottle in the liquor cabinet, smoke contraband cigarettes, and make out with their friends before their mom gets home from work. Isn't that exciting? I thought you'd think so. But seriously, regular blogging will resume sooner or later, though right now I really am manic with all of the actual work things I've got on my plate, especially throughout this week.

Edited to add:
  • The review, though I fear it's not exactly the best thing I've ever written, is done.
  • I also picked up a bunch of ILL books from the library today.
  • I also took care of some committee crap at school, as well as attended a job talk.
  • I am now hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I could really use a day. Really.


phd me said...

Oh, I really want to hear about the student who had the guts? stupidity? to call you an asshole. Do tell!

Psych Post Doc said...

I am with phd me, I want to hear about the student who called you an asshole.