Monday, January 05, 2009

Work Stinks

No, but seriously. Really. It stinks.

See, I'd forced myself not to work in any consistent way (though I'll admit I have done some reading) since submitting my grades before the holidays, because it seemed to me that if I were going to take this year off of MLA I should use that time to actually, I don't know, decompress and relax. So I didn't even check email when I was at my parents' for Christmas, and since the new year, I've been focusing approximately 85 percent of all of the energy I possess on what I eat and on getting my butt to the gym every day. (By the way, I have been to the gym every single day of 2009. I am feeling very virtuous, and I'm even kind of feeling positive and happy when I think about working out. Bizarre.)

But the time has come where I can indulge in these ways no longer. In one week, my spring semester begins. I am so not ready.

But so anyway, I woke up all filled with energy at about 5:30 (because apparently when you eat well and work out you wake up with the kitties, who also eat well and "work out" if we count wrestling and playing as "working out"). So far this morning I have: finished up syllabi for 3 of my 4 spring classes; emailed BES about meeting; added to and subtracted from my to-do list.

I have So. Much. Work to do. A ridiculous amount. That said, I'm trying to convince myself that it will all go quickly. I think I'm lying to myself.

Anyway, on that note, I must get dressed and go to school. Because my life is pain. That said, I'd rather end this post with something more fun and less whiny, and so I shall treat you to some pictures of the men in my life, Man-Kitty and Mr. Stripey! You know you've missed them.

First, this is how I found them one morning when I woke up and stumbled into the bathroom.

And then, this is how I found them when I went looking for them one afternoon this past week.
And then, when I dared to snap the photo, Mr. Stripey awakened and sat up a bit. The Man-Kitty creepily continued sleeping though his eyes were open. I'll admit, I worried a bit that Mr, Stripey had suffocated him, but the Man-Kitty's snores reassured me. Still, it's creepy when he sleeps with his eyes open and he looks like a kitty-vampire, so clearly I woke him up.


Shane in Utah said...

Groan. I teach my first class of the new semester in 3.5 hours. No need to tell me work sucks...

James said...

I'm in the same state of unreadiness, except that I spent (and am spending) 2009 being sick so I don't even get to feel healthy. (-;

Regarding open eyes sleeping, I think that's the only time my cat is actually asleep. If his eyes are closed, he's just pretending as I can watch his ears track sounds.

Artistic Soul said...

Oh! Mr. Stripey is so much bigger now!! It's good they are getting along. I echo your thoughts on work...though I have yet to see the office, I'm dreading it. :o)

k8 said...

OMG! The Cuteness!! You should do a post with pics that documents Mr. Stripey's growth from wee kitten to Cat.

It cracks me up when my cats wrestle. Naturally, I take pictures. I posted a couple the other day. I'd love to see a wrestling match between your kitties here, too. I'm all for kitty posts!

Sisyphus said...

Kitties! Brings a smile to my day. And I love the stripes!!!

Hmm, maybe I need an additional cat to round out the stripeyness of my collect--- no, dammit! Stop it! Bad Sisyphus!

Anyways, cat pics are always fun!

Belle said...

Lordy, how Mr S has grown! And I just love the first sleepy pic; MK looks so comfy!

I too am dreading the back-to-classes stuff. I'm already behind...