Friday, January 09, 2009


You know, I've had a lot I've wanted to blog about lately, but I've been having a real problem coming up with titles and with focusing on Topics. Maybe I'll get my title mojo back as the semester begins on Monday.

So, I'm basically ready for the semester to begin. Sure, I've got a few things to lock into place, but all in all, I can be confident to walk into class on Tuesday prepared and excited. I'm a little anxious about what I will evocatively call New Class or NC (note: this class is the required survey of theory that majors typically fear and loathe and resist with all of the vigor that they can muster) and I still have a boatload of stuff to do for the web class, but my other two classes are pretty much set and ready to go. And I finally allowed myself to glance at those readers' reports for my R&R yesterday (and also shared them with BES, because it occurred to me that I might be less fucked up about reading them if somebody had showed me what they can look like when I was a student), so I'm ready to get to work on that, and I'm excited for going to visit High School Best Friend next weekend (although it was likely stupid to plan a visit to Washington D.C. over the MLK weekend given the whole inauguration on the 20th thing.... woops) and am going to go buy a smaller bag for that trip, and yep, I do believe that's pretty much all.

In annoying news, Apocalyptic Weather is going to postpone my visit to my dad, which is really freaking annoying, as I really want to get that taken care of. I have a lot to say about my feelings about that whole situation, but I need to think a bit more before I do so.

In great news, chopping off one's hair when one is on a fitness kick is totally rewarding and awesome. I'd estimate that I lost at least 1 lb. of hair yesterday, which is very nice indeed. You know, I totally look better with shorter hair. Why do I ever decide that growing my hair out is a thing that I should do? Not that it looks "bad" exactly, but it so looks better shorter. As my mom notes, when my hair reaches shoulder length, it makes my nose look long. And look, I've got a schnoz. I like my nose, and I accept that it is not petite and pert, but it does not need to look longer than it is. But so anyway, New Year, New Crazy. And I've been feeling great, so rock on with that.

But so I need to get my butt in gear and drag myself in to the office, where FINALLY my computer needs will be addressed.

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