Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hair, Etc.

Well. The hair. It has been cut. However, as BFF notes, the Electoral College of Crazy's Hair has the final say in all Hair Elections, and, it has become apparent that your votes did not count. Actually, it may be the case that Crazy's Hair is a totalitarian democracy in practice, in which Crazy makes all decisions under the auspices that she knows the will of the people, regardless of what "the people" actually say. And so, the hair is some kind of choppy cross between options 3 and 4, and I am entirely happy with it. It can be sleek. It can be edgy. It can have bangs. The bangs can blend into the rest of the hair. In other words, no more Sad Ponytail of Hair Ennui.

In other news, in spite of the Grand Hair Makeover and then doing work for a couple of hours and then meeting with BES for coffee, I still dragged my ass to the gym. Apparently, when you go every day, it very quickly does become a habit, and so even when you don't superficially want to go, you still somehow end up going because deep down it feels "right" to go. Now, was it the most awesome workout I've ever had? No. But I got my 30 mins. in, in spite of the fact that I wanted to go home after having been gone all afternoon. Maybe it does make sense to go to the gym every day as a non-negotiable thing? Not because one is a weirdo with body image issues but rather because it's just easier to do things that one always does than to do something, say, three times a week? I'm beginning to think that this is the case. How annoying. That said, I've been to the gym every day in 2009 and I've not consumed any soda or alcohol in 2009, and let me just say, if you do something - or don't do something - every single day, it's totally easier. I'm sure you all know this, but this has been my great discovery of 2009. Well, that and that I should never have people vote on hair options because I'll just do what I want in the moment regardless of what people say.

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Bardiac said...

Way to go!

You're right on the mark with the every day. I've read that it takes a certain length of time... three weeks? but I can't quite remember.