Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Will Tomorrow Hold?

Will it hold another snow day? Hmmm.

Well, if my superstitious practices have any power whatsoever, classes may well be called off. See, I did all of the prep that I really needed to do for tomorrow, I did not change the schedule of things in either of my classes, and so there is a paper due tomorrow in one class, presentations in another, and there is a test scheduled in one of them for Tuesday. If there is no school tomorrow, we will not be able to plow along as if this whole "weather event" never happened - the schedule will have to change. I hate changing the schedule. So, although this seems against all natural logic, the fact that I actually am ready to teach tomorrow and that I really want to teach tomorrow should mean that there is no school.

Except that I think my president of my university might burst into flames if he has to cancel school three days running.

Now, the weather is basically over. But it's cold. And the roads are shit and will likely remain shit. I'm on a commuter campus, so the roads matter. It will remain cold until the weekend. Ah well, I suppose I'll find out tomorrow.

For now, I'm gearing up to watch Top Chef. Speaking of which, does that Carla remind anybody else of Sideshow Bob? Actually, I've answered my own question, thinking that I would put some pics up for people to compare. I googled "Carla Top Chef" and do you know what the first picture is?

What, you still don't believe me? Ok, here's a real picture of her:

Actually, I think she resembles him more when her hair is up, but I'm too lazy to find the perfect picture.

But so anyway, I'd like to get up and make myself a cup of tea, but a certain kitten named Mr. Stripey is filled with love, and he has taken to sitting on my lap in the small space that I can make between him and the lap desk that holds the laptop on which I type. On the one hand, this is very nice indeed. He is warm and snuggly. On the other hand, dude. He's a little bit needy, I feel. And he gets very persnickety if one indicates a desire to stop with the loving quality time. The Man-Kitty appreciates his alone time much more, and I have to say, I appreciate that about him. Mr. Stripey = Rank Sense of Entitlement.

So anyway, I apologize for my lame blogging lately. I really do have real things about which to write, but I'm still in the Manic Work Writing Place, and so I haven't been feeling like substantive blogging. Perhaps tomorrow morning?

Ah, I think Mr. Stripey can read. He has lept from my lap onto the cat tree to force the Man-Kitty to pay attention to him now. Ah well. Better the Man-Kitty than me, in this instance. Time to go make some tea.


Lawgirl said...

And she (Carla) is SO loud. But for some reason, I don't mind her as much. Actually, I like everyone who is left at this point. Well, Leah could go and I wouldn't cry at all.

k8 said...

My cats are the same way! I think in their case, though, it might still be post-shelter trauma. But I do feel completely bad when I have to move one of them so that I can get up. They seem so hurt and give me the most pitiful looks.

That Carla comparison works for me.

Hope you get that snow day!

EmmaNadine said...

I always call her Big Bird. But that comparison works as well.

Anonymous said...

I often imagine her hair as a potted plant sitting on top of her head.

I love her. She's a complete weirdo. I think I really could live without Leah, though.

AcadeMama said...

I love her hair, but seriously, those eyes scare the living sh*$ outta me! I'm afraide they're going to come through the TV screen and swallow me or something.

comebacknikki said...

Carla: LOL!!! Yes!!! Did you see the most recent episode? With her hair in that bandanna headband, she could be his twin! :)