Monday, December 22, 2008

RBOC: Monday

  • Still only 2/4 classes graded. Woops.
  • FB is here, after a horrifying travel experience in which his flight was delayed for hours and his gate-checked bag was lost. For real. No wonder he hates traveling, with this sort of travel luck.
  • I feel like my M-K has warmed to FB, but that FB does not trust him because of the whole "sneak attack" business of years gone by. That said, of course my sweet kitty is sad when he can't come to sleep with me. And of course he expresses that with meowing. He's not trying to be a jerk.
  • Did I mention how great that FB is? He really is. Tra la.
  • You know what's not great? The grading I haven't done. And the fact that it's but 8 degrees outside. That is a problem.
  • Am considering going back to bed. But coffee and cookies are nice. (Baked cookies while not grading Saturday night. I made kolatchkies and these, in case you were wondering. YUMMMYYYYY.)

1 comment:

timna said...

me, too.on the 2/4, not on the cookies...