Monday, December 15, 2008

The Rewards of Grading

I just read what is surely the absolute most interesting, most well executed, most good paper that has ever been submitted to me.

And no, it was not submitted by one of my usual suspects.

And no, there is no way that it was plagiarized, nor did I even suspect plagiarism - this student has been working toward this kind of work since the beginning of the semester, and the topic was so original that there was never a question about it being the student's work.

Note: this student's first assignment for me was a Bland B.

While I can't take credit for this student's originality and talent, I think I can take credit for helping this student to get from Bland B to Totally Freaking Out of This World Better Than Anyone Could Hope For A.

Three Cheers for Awesome Students!

(The other papers weren't too shabby either, I've got to say. And some were quite great, and under normal circumstances would have had me over the moon all on their own. But this other paper? Blew them out of the water. Totally.)


Belle said...

Yay! I do envy you! Be sure to note that on the student's paper, so they know how great it is and why. I've never understood why we don't do that more often; I try to do it whenever it happens and even then it doesn't have to be stellar... but sometimes I get so crazed (no pun intended) that I just say something like 'great job' and then move to the next paper.

Yay Crazy! Rock on!

Comet Jo said...

That is so much one of the best parts of teaching. I've had nothing like that this term, but I just had a couple of people go from B- to A-, which is a pretty big jump.