Monday, December 22, 2008

3/4 Classes Graded, Drinking a Glass of Wine, Swooning over FB

One class left. The deadline for grades is tomorrow at 9 AM. So I've just eaten a cookie, and I'm drinking a glass of wine. And listening to the Shins, a CD bought as part of the Christmas Present Loveliness that was courtesy of FB. That and some books, two which were work-like though not work-necessary, and one which was totally for fun.

I have so many things that I want to say about FB, but so many things I fear to say about him in that he really doesn't typically like it when I write about him in this space, and I've been trying not to do so for that reason. He often feels I make him appear douche-y. The thing, though, is this: he is so not douche-y. He is so... SOOO... my favorite person really in the whole world. This is not to say he's not an ass at regular intervals, but he's my favorite whether those things are true or not, and this is why I think he's silly for being irritable about my writing about him on this blog. Because he is SO GREAT and I know that and so if he suspects he appears douche-y, I thnk that's so immaterial. Though I get that I'm wrong about this. Even if I don't really accept it. I often wish he could just get my perspective on this issue, but he doesn't seem to appear to be able to get that he is my favorite person ever. Indeed, when I told him this last night he indicated that my feeling about this has to do with my taste and not his worthiness of the "favorite person" designator. It may have to do a great deal with my taste, but he truly is my favorite. Truly.

But so he is in his parental home, and I'll be in mine tomorrow. But the point is, and I think this is even fair to say at this premature date, he was the best part of my Christmas. Ah, FB. He is my favorite person of all.

So, have a happy holiday all. I shall return once I'm back from the bosom of my family.

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Kate said...

Happy holidays to you, Dr. C! And I totally get what you're saying about FB -- TD feels that way when I write about him too. It just means they need their own damn blog. Because we take the good with the bad and love them no matter what.