Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Cannot Make Myself Grade. Oh No, I Cannot.

And thus, looking ahead as if grading doesn't need to happen:

Tonight: Write birthday card to Biological Dad (from this point forward BD), address Christmas cards, post grades for one class. (Notice how I'll be posting grades for a class that I am not, actually, doing the grading for. Now that I have been approved for tenure I am magical.)

Friday: Clean apartment, mail Christmas cards and BD's birthday card, go to lunch with students for the Organizational Meeting of the reading group that they're putting together (by invitation from them, which was so sweet of them that they want me there!), sort laundry, meet with pet-sitter, drink oodles of wine with Naomi.

Saturday: Graduation (I don't want to go except I do because one of my First Students Ever here is graduating), when go to campus for graduation drop keys off at school, straighten apartment (for I'm sure I'll still need to straighten things), grade and report grades for remaining two classes, beautification.

Sunday: Grocery store for a few small things, wait with rapt breath, FB ARRIVES, give FB his HILARIOUS Christmas presents, etc., have FB take me out to fabulous dinner to celebrate tenure, go shopping with FB so that he can buy me oodles of gifts (for in spite of my list-making, the universe has conspired against him to prohibit him buying me things and getting them to me, which, as he noted, is ultimately good for me because it will mean I get more presents, although really me getting presents wasn't totally the point - it was more that I wanted to give him presents - though presents are awfully nice), quality time with FB. Yay!

Monday: More quality time with FB! Yay! And then FB and I shall journey to our respective parents' homes. Quality time with parents! Yay!

Tuesday: Quality time of Mother-Daughter bonding with Mom of Crazy, who has taken the day off of work.

Wednesday and Thursday: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Family Time.

Friday: See BD. It has to be done. It will be good. Later that night, drink copious amounts of wine with J. and A. And there will be Christmas cookies!

Saturday or Sunday: Return home to my Man-Kitty and Mr. Stripey, to see what havoc they have wrought.

So that's my week and a bit ahead. And I still haven't done my grading. Though I have ordered some pizza and a cookie. Because apparently tenure means pizza.

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Belle said...

Well, yes, tenure means pizza. And prezzies. And the best ice cream you can find. Also bath bombs and other celebratory activities. For the foreseeable future!