Saturday, December 06, 2008

I Have Very Few Christmas Traditions

For I am single, and we singletons don't have many.

However, I do enjoy drinking a bottle of wine and writing out my Christmas cards.

I just tried to open my bottle of wine.

The corkscrew broke.

Now, I'm not a one-corkscrew girl, but the other two are (a) a weird one from my mom that I can barely get to work and (b) a liquor store one that barely works.

Bah humbug.


casual observer said...

I too am single and don't do anything Christmas-themed. No card lists, no decorating, no christmas music, no lights, and very little Christmas movie-watching. After years of being forced to celebrate the way the husbands wanted to and with whom they wanted, I said heck with this mess and decided I would no longer participate in the yearly ritual of madness. Call me a Scrooge but I'm much happier this way.

AAYOR said...

Clearly your only option here is to push the cork into the bottle. Bottoms up!

GradGrrrl said...

Do you do a letter to accompany your Holiday Card? I remember some discussion of holiday letters from single people on a blog last year. I can't remember if it was you. This is my third year of doing a letter with my cards (I'm 27 and in my fifth/final year of grad school).

(btw, I'm a loyal reader - you're one of my favorite blogs - but for some reason I only comment occasionally) :-)

Dr. Crazy said...

Indeed, I don't do a formal letter. A formal letter would be an embarrassment for all (though most of all me) I feel. Nah, I do personalized letters when necessary, and otherwise, people get a Happy Christmas, Lots of Love, and Yes, That Is Wine I So Horrifyingly Spilled on the Envelope from me ;)

Am now watching Bridget Jones' Diary, which may signify that I am descending into utter self-pity in my lonesome singleton Christmas-person state.

Maggie said...

Oh, this is the saddest story (I mean the frustration with the wine, not the singleton status). And I was the person --I think-- who talked about xmas letters. Here's the post:

But I am a bit confused by the singleton thing. FB may be F, but he's still B, right? I am therefore not so sure you can count yourself as a true singleton, missy. Aren't you more like an LDRer?

Dr. Crazy said...

I suppose that *is* technically true. The thing that sucks about the LDR thing, though, is that one is alone more often than not, esp. after one gets into stupid arguments on the phone, and then it can be comforting to pretend that one is totally 100% single. Self-pity for lonesomeness is highly preferable to angry and frustrated loneliness.

Maggie said...

I see your point. Though I think that might hurt the B's feelings? (Although it is likely that FB has a thicker skin than I do.)

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, see, in this context I think he'd probably not be hurt, as we're not like married or something, or even... how do I put it... together in some sort of conventional sense. I'd be surprised if he doesn't think of himself as "single" as a label, though obviously he and I are in some sort of relationship. I think that both of us probably wouldn't call ourselves not-single unless we were like married. Of course, if we were married, it would have to be a fake marriage, otherwise I doubt either of us would ever enter into such a thing:)