Sunday, September 30, 2007

When Working Feels Like the Thing to Do

So, as with yesterday, I had a lot of difficulty being productive in the daytime hours. This is about the rhythm of when it feels natural to do research for me. I've never been good at being a daytime writer or a daytime researcher. I usually get the itch to start on that sort of work in the late afternoon and early evening, and when I try to force myself into productivity earlier, I do much less well with producing anything that's any good. I can sometimes change my internal clock in the summer, when I have lots of unlimited time, but it's not natural. What's natural is to start working around 5 PM. This is just the way of me, and I need to accept it.

And today I did accept it. I thought a good deal about working before then, but I couldn't settle in to do it. But since I started? I'm speeding right along. So the plan is that I'll get everything I can done at home tonight, and then I'll work through the day tomorrow in my office at school until the thing is printed and finished and mailed off. One thing that helps is that this is an internal deadline for the manuscript - not the final deadline for delivery to the publisher. That's a full two months away. And so, I'm chugging right alone, and I'm feeling pretty good about what I'm accomplishing.

In other news, have I mentioned that I'm growing out my hair? This is an annoying thing to be doing, and one that I'm not really good at doing. Because of this I can't legitimately get my hair cut for another two weeks, and it's driving me nuts. And even when I get it cut, I can't really do more than get a trim (although I think I will get a heavier bang, and I'm thinking a lot about color). Anyway, in a trip to Walgreens yesterday, I attempted to stave off the hair boredom by buying lots of silly things, all centered on the idea of creating volume. So today I experimented with velcro rollers to boost the hair a bit at the roots, and it seems to be a success! Who knew I could do something so easy and be so pleased with it?

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"Maude Lebowski" said...

some new color is the best way, i think, to keep one from cutting one's hair during the growing out stage. it gives one a sense of something fresh and new without losing length. plus it changes the look, and as an added plus, it could give you some more volume.

i'm in a constant state of struggle with my hair.