Friday, September 28, 2007

TGIF? Kinda

First things first: I love you, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and I love your fantastic show The Ghost Whisperer. The season premiere had everything: Jay Mohr (who may play the most awesome professor character ever), scary parts, a great nightgown, and I cried my eyes out at the end (which is one of the reasons I love the show - instant catharsis). In addition, I am totally on board with the Vampire Show that follows your show, Moonlight. Mick St. John? Awesome Vampire Detective? You had me at hello.

In other news, I edge ever closer to being done with the book, and I should put it (mostly) to bed tomorrow. Yeehaw.

The other bright spot in my day was that I participated in a feminist pedagogy discussion group that was fabulous. And I may (though I've not fully thought it through yet) get a new baby kitty cat for the Man-Kitty.

Why only "kinda" then on the TGIF? Well, last night I sent a sort of Come to Jesus email to the FB. And now I've got to call him back. (He called while I was sobbing to The Ghost Whisperer, and I thought it best if I didn't answer just them.) So I'm going to call him back, but then I think I'll be heading over to the Lounge, if anybody wants to join me. Medusa's on a date (ish), so depending on how things go, she may stop by as well.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Man-Kitty may love to have a friend.... since he's a boy kitty, he'll get along with either a girl or another boy... (girl kitties should be the only girls in the house...).

It is important to do intergration right -- read up on it on the internet before you do... We let them smell one another before they could see eachother -- now we have cat-group-love and cuddles on a regular basis :).

"Maude Lebowski" said...

i'm so glad that you like the ghost whisperer! my boyfriend laughs at me for liking that show, mainly because i cry at the end of nearly every single one of them! but i can't believe i missed the season premier. i don't know why. i'm glad to know the new show that follows it is pretty cool. i'm a big numb3rs fan myself, so yeah, i share your friday night t.v. watching.

good luck with the book stuff.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Oooh, get another kitty! (I am always urging other people to get new kitties so I can live vicariously through them - three is enough for me, though.) Eldest Cat (boy) loves Middle Cat (girl), whom I got when he was a year and a bit (though it wasn't love at first sight). Eldest Cat also loves Youngest Cat (boy). Middle Cat like Eldest Cat fine (he's always been there), and loathes Youngest Cat with a white hot passion. Even after 6 years! But they manage to live together. If Man-Kitty seems really pissed at first, don't freak out - he'll come around.

History Geek said...

If you liked Moonlight you should check out Forever Knight, great vampire cop show. I think all three seasons are on dvd now.