Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Week Ahead

The week ahead promises to be brutal. I've got a department meeting, a committee meeting, another meeting that's visibility-related (a reading group I volunteered to participate in - should be fun, actually), I'm giving two tests (both of which are written and ready to go, thank god). On top of this, I'm making the final pass through the book so that I can send it off a week from tomorrow. This isn't a set-in-stone deadline, but I really want to get this out of my life. And so, I will somehow find the time to do what needs to be done. Somehow. One reason I'm particularly motivated is I've invited my parents to come for a visit in mid-October, and I really can't have people in my house when I'm in the Crazy Manuscript Place. Oh no, I cannot. And did I mention that this week I've also decided is the week when I'm getting back with the diet and exercise program? Perhaps not auspicious timing, but no time is a good time, and at least I'm set for the diet portion of things because of my labors in the kitchen today.

All of this is manageable as long as I manage my time. And so I've scheduled everything in, and hopefully all will go well. I just can't let myself get taken off course.

I have a suspicion that the new Ken Burns documentary The War is really going to help, though, as in times of crazy work, there's nothing I love more than some excellent PBS. And can I say that I was so pleased by tonight's first installment? No "greatest generation" crap, even though, obviously, what the people being interviewed experienced and what they did was great, but it's not being romanticized, and that is refreshing.

Ok, am sleepy. Must take myself to bed.

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