Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hello! It's Been a While!

I know. You often wonder to yourself, "How does the Man-Kitty spend a holiday weekend?" Well. As you might imagine, my life is quite exciting.

Sometimes, I like to distract my mama from her work by affecting what I like to call my "Super-Kitty" pose, in which I expose my belly and stretch my front legs out as far as they can go right in her line of sight as she attempts to do her scholarly work.

Other times, I like to ignore the mama, focusing instead on sweetly hiding inside of my Man-Kitty Condo. As you might imagine, it is not easy to be such a handsome Man-Kitty. No, it is not.


Hilaire said...

Egads! The adorability!

Sisyphus said...

Aww! And he's got a little milk jug ring to play with!

Dr. Crazy said...

Yes, the M-K loves little more than a milk ring :) I spend ginormous amounts of money on awesome cat toys and his favorite things are those milk rings and a shoe lace (which he carries around in his little kitten mouth and brings to me in order to communicate that he would like some attention - I think sometimes he naps in my bed with it as well, for I've found it there, too).

Rad said...

My cat likes to stretch her back legs out when she lies on her back, perfectly still-- I was always sure she was doing a human impression, but perhaps she was just doing a weird version of "Super-Kitty."