Friday, August 03, 2007

Woohoo! Friday!

I suppose I don't really have anything to celebrate, in that I really was not terribly productive this week and so really what the weekend means more than anything is that I'll be settling down to work. However, I did settle in to do some work last night, and it felt good. And so I'm actually kind of excited to get to work today.

Maybe sometimes one just needs to be slack during the week only to work a bunch over the weekend?

But so yeah, I don't really have much to post about other than that. A. went on a date with a new guy last night - the second star player from the Hometown High Football Team from when we were in high school that she's dated in the past year. So all you ladies who thought you had to give up your dreams of dating football players once graduation happened? You are wrong! In fact, one can have a high school sort of renaissance in one's 30s and all of a sudden those guys who never looked at you one way or the other in high school will be banging down the door!

So yes, that is exciting, though I have nothing really of my own that is anywhere near as interesting. Ok, so must get to work (woke up this morning and paid bills, which I needed to do, but which is not work.) More later!

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