Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Mornings Stink

I am s-l-o-w-moving this morning. Clearly I'm not used to the schedule yet. Also, I had a scary dream last night, a version of which I've had before, which involves walking along this ice-and snow-covered metal bridge (the bottom of which is not solid, so you can totally see the chasm below) that includes these stairs, and the stairs lead to these mountains (so no, I'm not actually climbing mountains in the dream per se, although thinking about it as my awake self that would probably be easier than being on the stupid icy bridge of metal with stairs and an open floor).... At any rate, as you might imagine, I woke up terrified after a slip that might have meant my potential doom. That said, the dream wasn't ALL scary, because before that in the dream there was another part where I kept finding wads of money on the ground, which was kind of cool, and there was a bunch of other stuff going on that did not involve potentially lethal falls. But so now this morning I'm feeling a bit tired (because I was very busy in my sleep) and not terribly motivated to get on with my day. Thank god, though, that I did prep yesterday for today. That should make the morning go much more pleasantly.


Southern Grad Girl said...

I'm jealous. The only dream I remember from last night was about lab. Then I woke up in a fright (two hours before my alarm clock was scheduled to go off, no less) because I was running late. Wads of cash would be a pleasant change, I should think.

Dr. Crazy said...

The wads of cash part was kind of great, but then I kept feeling guilty for picking it up... I did end up giving a bunch to some homeless people, though, which did make me feel better. That said, what good did the wads of cash tell me as I slipped and was about to plunge to a bloody death? Not so much :)

I HATE the dreams where I wake up fearing that I'm running late or have missed an exam or have failed to study for an exam! Those are horrible!