Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things I've Learned from Pandora

No, not the one who opened the box, etc., but rather from the one that's part of the Music Genome Project:

Well, I've learned a great many things. I've learned that there is a huge part of me (at least in terms of music that I gravitate toward) that is still a little skater-dater-alterna-girl. I've learned that I really like some bands that I'd never heard of, like Superchunk.

But you know what else I've learned? I really like Dave Mathews and John Mayer. A lot.

I'd resisted it for a long time (see above about being a little punk rock wanna be), just as I resisted listening to The Grateful Dead in high school when all of the cool kids wanted to be hippie-ish Dead-Heads and had posters of Jim Morrison on their walls. No thank you, I said, this music is not for me.

I said the same thing about what I consideredgirlie music, this Dave Mathews Band and this silly John Mayer, loved by teenaged girls and soccer moms alike. But the Pandora has shown me my own prejudices. Because, really, both are just cool to listen to. I won't be admitting this in real life, though. I would much rather like for people to think that I'm edgy. (Ha!)


Anastasia said...

see, i think john mayer is just that silly and the teenage girls are all about him, but I don't have that feeling about dave. i guess it's because the first time my husband saw dave matthews he was opening for phish. I have a much more pothead groovy hippy feeling about him. I mean, they're essentially a jam band. they just kind of happen to have a frat boy following these days.

Dr. Crazy said...

See, I thought John Mayer was silly and that Dave Mathews was, well, not quite as silly in the teenaged girls way but silly in the way that I think jam bands are silly (I know, I know, it's all about the music, blah blah, but I've been prejudiced against them). What I realize now is that when the Pandora directed me to each I approached each with an open mind and found them pleasant. Horrifying. Horrifying, I say!

susan said...

Thanks for mentioning Pandora--it's wonderful! I can't say as I've found muc h new music (in a whole day and a half of listening) but it's reminded me of some albums I don't listen to enough. Plus I like seeing the list of qualities ascribed to some of the artists I've put in.

Tim of Suburbia said...

If you have a Pandora Station you would like to share, post it over at

I've always thought it was little hard to share music with Pandora, but this should help!

Give it whirl.