Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Pet Peeves Meme

As seen a bunch of places, and I'm going to be a lazy blogger and not do the links, which probably is a pet peeve of somebody else's, when people don't cite where they get memes from. But it was jo(e) who started this one.

1. Grammatical pet peeve. This is a very, very nit-picky one, but I really hate it when people use "I" - because they think that it's "proper" sounding - when really "me" is the grammatically correct form of the noun. Example: "Susan wanted to come shopping with Carrie and I." I is an object of a preposition people! This means it should be the objective form of the word. You know who makes this mistake all the time? Those kids on the Real World. In those dumb interviews they do that describe the action of the show. ALL THE TIME.

2. Household pet peeve. That while the Man-Kitty is really good at making demands (and messes) he refuses to help pitch in on keeping the household in working order. My mom suggests I should strap little tiny sponges to his feet and maybe he'll clean the kitchen floor, but as funny as an image as that is to me, I think it would constitute cruelty to animals. Oh, and I also hate that the house doesn't stay clean once it's cleaned so it seems like a never-ending project. That sucks. Really, when you live by yourself (well, and with a cat) it's hard to have household pet peeves because it would mean that you're peeved with yourself. I'm not into that at all.

3. Arts & Entertainment pet peeve. Hmmm. I love arts and entertainment generally, so this is difficult. No, I know! It's with The Devil Wears Prada. The movie that is, though I've also read the book, which is actually where the pet peeve(s) come from. 1) WHY did they embellish the narrative and include the sappy love plot wherein she lives with her boyfriend (or at least it seems that way) and has a one night stand with that other dude? Sure TDWP the book is chick lit, but it is unusual in the genre in that it really isn't AT ALL about finding Prince Charming. 2) Why did they take out the fact that a) Andrea/Andy the protagonist is kind of a loser and b) that the only reason she was thin enough to work at Runway is because she'd caught some crazy thing like Dysentary when she was traveling around afte graduating from College and so she is not, in fact, a "huge" size six who needs to become a four when she gets the job there but rather she is unhealthily the exact right size?

4. Liturgical pet peeve. Well. This is interesting. I'm not sure what to put here, and I don't want to put a bleeding-heart-liberal-anti-people-who-infringe-on-my-rights-trying-to-demand-that
I-conform-to-their-religious-beliefs sentiment here. Not that I don't feel that way, but I feel like it's a cliche. So then I probably should mine my Catholic roots. I suppose my liturgical pet peeve is that you have to tend Mass on all holy days of obligation (this being where the whole "obligation" thing comes in) even if one of those days happens to be the day on which you were born. Why should you have to go to church every single year on your birthday. That just doesn't seem fair. Not at all. Though it is nice to be born on a day that often coincides with many a church festival. It's like people all over the world celebrate your birthday, and that is nice. But the church thing, not so much.

5. Wild card. Well, I've got so many. What shall I choose? Oh, yes. When someone - anyone - leaves the cap off of a pen. Pens must be capped. At all times.

Bonus: Things that I do that become other people's pet peeves? Being a know-it-all sometimes, talking over the person to whom I'm talking and interrupting them, being loud, being very, very cluttered, and I'm sure any number of other things. Oh, and I swear like a sailor.


Loralee Choate said...

"...it's hard to have household pet peeves because it would mean that you're peeved with yourself. I'm not into that at all."

I kinda want to make this into a t-shirt.


I dig the tiara.

USJogger said...

Do your students abuse "whom"? It's not nearly as prevalent as the "I" thing, but when someone does do it, it stands out like a sore thumb. "This is important information for the consumer, whom may be on a diet." Yuck! It's one of the few grammatical gramatical errors that I actually explain, rather than simply circling for them to figure out.

phd me said...

The "I" thing bugs me, too. It's something my ear will always pick up - on tv, in music, during regular conversation. I'm sure I've used it incorrectly before from vocabulary laziness but it still irritates me when others do it.

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh God, the whom thing. Yes. This was more of a problem with the students I taught in grad school, though, as the students I teach now tend just to use "who" for everything, which is it's own problem, but which I think bugs me less. Maybe it's wrong but at least it's not wrong and pretentious/proper - you know?

Anonymous said...

how about using grow as a transitive verb?

jo(e) said...

How about people who think "myself" sounds more proper than "me" and stick it into places it doesn't belong?

Dr. Crazy said...

Anastasia - I'll raise your "grow" with an "impact."

jo(e) - yep, I think that the "myself" thing is the cousin of the "with Susie and I" problem.