Saturday, July 08, 2006

If I Weren't So Pleased with Myself, and If I Had No Sense of Humor...

I might actually cry or at the very least be very upset with myself.

I just received notice that I have been chosen for the roster of speakers for a statewide organization. (Yay!) In other words, I will be paid (albeit a small sum) in order to "go out into the community" and to talk about something related to my field of expertise to community groups, etc. This is a GREAT gig, as all other civic engagement things (in which my university demands that faculty participate) seem to involve service learning and other MUCH more time-consuming pursuits, none of which have to do with anything I'm even close to expert in. And you don't even get a nominal fee for your "services," which, I'm sorry, annoys me, as it's not "service" that I'm doing out of the goodness of my heart but rather WORK that I'm doing in order to excel at my JOB and so I think I should be PAID. But I digress.

The point here is this is fantastic, right? I should be happy, right?

Well, I am. It's just I don't remember exactly what these talks (which are supposed to be 45 minutes in length, and I had to propose two) that I claimed I could give are supposed to be about. I can't find my copy of the form I had to submit to apply for this thing, and thus I am almost totally clueless. This could pose a problem, should I be invited to speak.

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Cats & Dogma said...

Well, if you gave two, just ask hosting venues, "Which of the talks were you interested in?" and then you'll at least have a start. And as we all know, abstracts and papers aren't always related documents.