Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Which I Heart Mentor Colleague

Mentor Colleague (MC) has been at my institution since before I was born. Literally. Like I'm not exaggerating or anything. I chose him as my mentor because, really, when I looked at all of the potential mentors in my department, I looked at what he's accomplished and just who he is, and saw a career to which I aspire. He is an exemplary teacher, a nationally recognized researcher who continues to produce, he's super-enthusiastic and positive and genuine, and he continues to remain engaged in our campus community and to fight for what those junior to him (which involves pretty much everybody, these days) need to thrive here. He's never been pulled toward administration, and he's turned down offers to head off to greener pastures higher up on the academic food chain. Ultimately, he's "just" a faculty member. But one of the most amazing ones I've ever met.

He forwarded me an email that he sent after Friday's MUWCI event, in which he spoke about me, and I am just so... almost choked up having read it. I don't even know what to say.

I was chatting with somebody on the phone today, and I noted that I'm not at all motivated by negative consequences - that motivation for me comes from believing that I've done well and from affirmation that I've done well, ultimately. I just... I am so motivated to continue doing well right now, to make sure that I continue to deserve MC's high regard. And I feel so proud and so lucky that he's my colleague and my friend.


pocha said...

Wonderful post.

jo(e) said...

Colleagues like that can be so inspiring. It's too bad they are so rare.