Friday, March 13, 2009

Work Expands to Fill the Time You Give It (One Hopes)

It is just after 2PM on the Friday of my spring break. I have accomplished nearly nothing. I have not graded, I have not worked on my R&R, I have not dealt with stuff for the CTTCCFPD, I have not begun work on April Conference Paper. I have managed to straighten up the living room and to do laundry. I have also been sick.


I'll be checking in here regularly with annoying updates about my accomplishments from this point forward. I need to feel like I am accountable to something, and the blog will have to serve. Ignore all posts between now and next week if you don't want to be bored stiff.


Good Enough Woman said...

Well now at least I know that you're human! Your current status reflects my reality 99% of the days of my life. Good luck getting caught up.

jennyfields said...

I feel the same way right now. It's 6pm on the beginning of my Spring Break. I DID go to a 9am class, a job interview across town and pay my bills. However, then I went to sleep for 3 hours. Now I'm reading blogs...instead of working on my thesis in order to turn in a completed draft on the 24th. It feels pretty sweet right now but I'm going to wish I had utilized those few hours when it comes down to the wire. I have to pick up BF in two hours and it doesn't even feel worth it to try and start writing anything.


I did accept an offer to chair the American panel at my first conference in a couple weeks. That should count for something.

Undergrad/Grad conferences are so training wheels. I love it.