Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In Spite of the Rage, I Really Do Love My Job

How do I know this? I cheered myself up today - and forgot the rage for a bit - by working on syllabi for summer and fall. And I found myself excited and happy. As much as I'm pretty much over this whole service thing at the moment, I'm really not over teaching, and it doesn't really ever get old to me. Specific classes? Sure, they get old. But new classes? Revamped classes that I really love? Never.


Ann said...

Why is it always so much more fun to write new syllabi than to teach from the ones we wrote 6 months ago? It's an amazing but true fact of my life that even when one is the author of the syllabus, the act of putting a book on the syllabus automatically makes it 40% less appealing to read than if one were just stumbling upon the book outside of work or coursework. (Speaking for myself only, of course.)

Doctor Pion said...

We all know that you rage BECAUSE you love your job.