Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank God It's Friday.

Well, I managed to make it through this week. Seriously? That's an accomplishment on its own. Today I've got a lot to do that will clear my weekend for household tasks, drafting my upcoming conference paper, and grading. What's on the agenda?
  1. Service crap related to CTTCCFPD. Probably a couple hours worth.
  2. Finalize course fliers advertising fall courses.
  3. Deal with my calendar, which is a zoo of events that I haven't rsvp'd to, written down, or otherwise made sense of. This also will involve scheduling a mammogram (they want me getting screened every year because of my father's cancer (pancreatic cancer may have a link with breast/ovarian/cervical cancer genetically, and also because so many on my father's side have had those other cancers - none of this came up with my doctor before because medical history stuff asks about immediate family and not extended family, and as an only child, well, it just didn't come up in a meaningful way until my father's illness hit the radar), a hair appointment, a vet appointment for M-K, and the pet sitter for the upcoming conference.
  4. Deal with thank you notes for all of the expressions of sympathy I've received (and thank you again to all of you! - yay, one item checked off the list).
  5. Email students presenting in student research thingie.
  6. Grocery store, for I've been eating like garbage and the cupboards are bare.
  7. Some other odds and ends with service.
  8. Deal with the train wreck that is my online course.
  9. I want there to be a number ten but really, I think that's all of the things. Oh, I suppose catch up on phone calls.
In other news, right around now is probably my sweet, darling Mr. Stripey's first birthday. Now, of course, I don't really know his actual birthday, but counting back from when I first met him when he was an estimated few weeks old, I've guesstimated that he's an Aries. Here is the first picture I've got of him, from when he was maybe 6 weeks or so old:

He wasn't much of a poser in his infancy. Too busy playing.

And here's a picture of him from when I first brought him home:

He was such a sweet baby! So teeny tiny! So serious, in his repose!

And here is the glorious kitty-cat that he has become:
I've got to say, Mr. Stripey, well, he is one beautiful cat. And he has a sparkling personality and is very affectionate and has many good ideas. Of course, he primarily keeps those ideas to himself, but as a full-sized Man-Stripey I believe that he has the right to keep his own council about most things.


GP said...

Stripey is so big! And your industriousness is inspirational. To the "To Do" list!

Sisyphus said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Stripey!

(he's so cute!)

k8 said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Stripey!!!

I love his little white feet!

Bobba Lynx said...

He's a beautiful boy ! So sleek ! Happy birthday to him and happy weekend to you.