Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today's Gonna Be a Long One


On the agenda:

  • Go to office and take care of some busy-work for student mtg I'm running this afternoon, as well as finish commenting on BES's thesis draft.
  • Interview with some university TV thingie about book.
  • Run student mtg.
  • Teeny tiny break.
  • Meet with BES.
  • Prep for class and grade stack of papers and midterms.
  • Teach.
  • Prep for tomorrow's classes.
  • Grade things that I must give back tomorrow.
  • Collapse.
Thursday looks similar.
Then Friday I go to see my father (though I'll also get qual. time with my mom and G. after that).

In other words, I suspect blogging will be light for the next short while.

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Horace said...

Hang in there, C.