Saturday, March 14, 2009

In Which the Man-Kitty Realizes a Dream

Life is always interesting, here with the Man-Kitty and his faithful sidekick Mr. Stripey. Mr. Stripey is affectionate and rambunctious and joyful, whereas the Man-Kitty... well, he has a more reserved personality and really doesn't like most people very much. He also plots and schemes.

At one time, his greatest wish was to figure out how to jump onto the top of the kitchen cabinets. It took him a couple of years, but he figured it out.

Now, a couple of years later, he has discovered how to get atop another high place - a place not intended for kitties. Mr. Stripey is intrigued by these things that M-K does, but for whatever reason, he does not attempt to imitate his antics. No, he just watches. Intently.

(My apologies for the lop-sided photograph - with the mirror in the picture, I had to make sure not to take a self-portrait as I captured this classic moment :)


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

YEA Man-Kitty!!!

Mr. Stripey has grown a lot!!!

Belle said...

Wow has he grown! Now, for M-K's next trick, he will discover the joys of doors!

BarbS said...

Boy, Man-Kitty is braver than any of mine! And Mr. Stripey looks like a real grownup cat - last pic I remember he was still a little guy!

Horace said...

OK. That's an adorable picture of those two kitties. But do you know what freaks me out? We have the same mirror in our house, in approximately the same place in the room.

So it looked like Man-Kitty and Mr. Stripey were in my house. Which scared me a little.

James said...

It's good to see that M-K is still active and exploratory in nature, and it's only right that he have a new high place to remind Mr. S that he's still the preeminent cat of the household.

JaneB said...

Isn't MrS growing? So cute!