Friday, July 04, 2008

A Writes: We Can't Remember How To Make Her Log In As Herself :)

Hello Loves!

It is I A!

Dr. Crazy & I are in the throes of VPW so we thought we we'd leave a wee bit of a message... And so we come to you from the land of the taro cards are delighted with our bellies full of food & wine.

So I feel in all of the of the info. you may want to know about A.'s OTL - one true love (who I am now naming M.) Granted I realize this is lame but, all I can say that with me being A. that M. is indeed a delightful match.

And for all of you out there in the land of Dr. C. currently it is cloudy but we have high hopes of extreme sun on the morrow AND in A's case extreme tan.

So Mr. Stripey is currently demanding our attention so we must leave you all but, we will see you tomorrow!

Kisses - A.

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