Thursday, July 03, 2008

RBOC: Procrastination, Yet Again

  • It's ridiculous when your normal operating procedure is one of procrastination, so that even when you're doing stuff that you've been wanting to do, you can't help but procrastinate as you do it.
  • See, A.'s coming tomorrow for our belated Vagina Power Weekend, and so I'm finally motivated to do all of the straightening and cleaning that I didn't do when the regular semester ended because summer teaching had its way with me. So far, I've reorganized crap in the study and vacuumed in there, and the DRToA is now just the DRTwith-a-few-items-on-it-but-really-not-anxiety-inducing-at-all. Next, I need to finish straightening in the living room, straighten in the bedroom, and put dishes away. I've decided I'll do all heavy cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and the bathroom) tomorrow morning before her arrival. Oh, and probably a load of laundry or two, too. No need to get all crazy in one day.
  • In other news, my proofs are sitting in their box, unopened. I know I have to open them at some point, but, well, I'm thinking that will be Sunday.
  • What else? I had a hard time sleeping last night, which was weird. I very rarely can't sleep. And I'm not actually super-stressed about anything I don't think - or maybe I'm so stressed out that I don't even know I am? Hard to know.
  • Tonight I'm supposed to go to this New Hobby Group where I shall learn New Hobby. If I can drag my ass there, it should be fun.
  • Oh, and I got my hair trimmed yesterday! I love my hair lady. She just got back from having her baby (a boy, Camden Charles - they're calling him Cam), and we didn't do anything crazy with the hair, for apparently I'm still growing it. Who knew this could last these many moons? Though, I've got to say, the fact that I'm rocking out a version of this style does make me wonder whether I'm due for a change soon. When one's hair is the source of parody, well, perhaps one needs to change one's hair. That said, very few people in my part of the country have found their way to this style yet, so perhaps I've got 2-3 years before I become a cliche here :)
  • Why does my mother buy me tablecloths? With designs (sometimes seasonal)? Does she not realize that I live alone and that my dining room table really serves as a desk?
  • And on a similar note, why does my mom buy me 99% of what she buys me, so much stuff that always ends up staying in boxes? I'm not naturally a pack-rat (except for with paper) and yet she turns me into one by loading me down with items that I don't need and don't have anyplace to put. Hmmm.
  • After reading Profgrrrl's recent post (mazel tov! hurrah!) it got me thinking about how my goals for 2008 are going. As you know, it's the Year of the F - Finances, Fitness, and Fun. Thus far, the one I'm doing most excellently with is the finances, and fun is not far behind. Fitness? Well, let's just say that I'm really going to have to make a big push from August to December. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that, but really, I need to get on it.
  • Ok, time to go and do some other sort of task. But really I don't want to. Not at all.


k8 said...

It sounds like our mothers should get together next time they go linen shopping. Gah! The stuff mine finds (and then buys for me) is truly amazingly craptastic. I won't even get into the clothes - ok, maybe I will. I was once the horrified recipient of a denim shirt with embroidered kittens on it. I like cats and kittens, but I choose to not wear them. Maybe you get this too - I find that because I like cats and have owned cats, people feel the need to buy me cat-themed items as gifts.

Sorry about the mini-hijack. The linens got me.

Oh, and I kind of like the idea of vagina power weekend also being independence day weekend. A very nice touch!

James said...

Doesn't everyone use their dining room table as a desk? I try to clean it off at the end of every semester, but that's so I have room for the next semester worth of material (and so I can find the notes I lost three months ago under one of the piles of books.)

I'm thinking about the three F's myself. I need to find a new insurance provider and I'm thinking of moving from the phone company to the cable company for my phone service. I'm doing well on fitness, swimming each week, though my university health center is tearing out their lockers this summer, which will make that annoying. As for fun, I've been good at taking weekends off. That is, until this one, since I have a paper due Monday.

May said...

Don't deprive your mother of her shopping goals!

Kjerstin said...

I love to hear that other people have procrastination as their MO as well, especially when they are people who actually get things done despite everything. It makes me think that all hope is not lost. The need to procrastinate even when doing things I want to do, is something that's always baffled me. I can't explain it, even to myself. I just feel out of order if I'm not allowed to do it.

Doctor Pion said...

I need to show this blog to my wife. She doesn't understand the use of the dining room table as a desk when I also have a desk.

But a desk is so restrictive. It is much easier to procrastinate (or do the ADD jump from task to Twilight Zone to task to magazine) there than at a desk. Well, that and you can't see the desk top.

helenesch said...

I probably *should* use my dining room table as a desk! I'd be far more productive, seeing as it's not connected to the internets...

Um, wait--I don't actually have a dining room. Does a kitchen table count?