Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello. And Yet, Goodbye for the Present.

Man-Kitty: Good day, readers. Dr. Crazy is far to busy to post, for she procrastinates in spite of my admonitions and so there is a flurry of pre-leaving-town activity swirling around good Mr. Stripey and myself.

Mr. Stripey: Hi! How are you! Aren't I darling with the celebrity-like over-the-shoulder pose I just did! Hurrah!

Man-Kitty: As you see, however, we are bastions of calm in this otherwise chaotic world. And so Dr. Crazy left it to us to leave you with a post, for she shall be incommunicado for the most part during her travels. Apparently she does not believe in blogging while traveling. Something about feeling like the whole point of traveling is to be where you are and not to be connected to your daily life. I don't know. She explained it, but I became distracted by my own thoughts and wasn't really paying attention.

Mr. Stripey: Aren't I darling? And isn't my brother handsome and stately? And aren't you going to miss us? I shall miss you all! Even though I don't know you!

Man-Kitty: I do believe that is all for now. Godspeed, dear blog readers. You shall be in our thoughts, as we go off into the wide world.

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Andrea Turpin said...

Can't wait to hear all about Lebanon! And see pictures! Are you going to the Buns and Guns restaurant in south Beirut? It's so absurd; I'm taking my mom there for sure next month... I hope you're having fun, Dr. Crazy!