Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth, One and All!

Well. The Inimitable A. shall be arriving in about 2 hours, so I'd better get myself in gear to clean the bathroom, change the sheets, vacuum the floors, and sweep and mop. Or maybe just vacuum, clean the toilet, change sheets, and sweep. Or maybe just clean the toilet. This is why old friends are the greatest - you know they won't judge you for your filth, and yet they do provide inspiration for cleaning the filth.

The weather here today is lame, lame, lame, so this afternoon A. and I may attempt some shopping. I feel like the mall will be open even though it's the 4th.... at least until dinner time.... I seem to recall that this is true from my days as a frozen yogurt slinger in the early 90s....

But happy happy everyone!

Edited to add:

So I managed to...

  • sweep the kitchen floor
  • clean kitchen countertops
  • vacuum the entire apartment
  • clean off the coffee table
  • clean the toilet and sink in the bathroom (though not the shower, alas)
And then A. arrived! And now it is the official beginning of Vagina Power Weekend 2008! Huzzah! More later, I'm sure.

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~profgrrrrl~ said...

Happy VPW!!!