Friday, July 04, 2008

Vagina P:ower - 1.0

Hellooo! A. and I are having a fabulous Vagina Power. Part of tonight's festivities have included BFF reading our tarot cards, for she is a master of the art of this.

For A., she gave an excellent reading related to engagement prognostications and love and happiness. A. is pleased,

For Crazy, all of the readings (and there had to be a good few, first because we wondered whether my questions sucked and then because we wondered whether there was more understanding possible) were... indeterminate... but the main point is that the readings, in some regard, related to The Fake Boyfriend, who is apparently The Emperor, according to my readings (according to BFF and according to her this is a very patriarchal card), well, the deal is this: who the hell knows what is happening with Crazy. The deal with Crazy is that she totally is without a clue, except she really adores a fake boyfriend. Except who the hell knows what that means. The point here? What the fuck?

And apparently? I have no fucking clue. At least the Tarot Cards know this :)

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Anonymous said...

i sat in on precisely one tarot reading and it was the most unnerving, accurate, and unrelentingly depressing thing I'd ever heard. She told my friend all the details of his life and then told him his girlfriend would break up with him, he'd get back with his wife and that would fail, but before that, he would lose his job. he was fired days later and called me on the phone to say holy. freaking. shit.

anyway. you're telling me the tarot says crazy has no clue. that must be the case. :)