Monday, April 07, 2008

RBOC: Monday Morning Edition

  • Spring has sprung! It is already 55 degrees and the sun is shining brightly! Hurrah!
  • Except not hurrah because I'm *still* finishing up that article, which means that I'm not out enjoying the weather. Nor did I go out and enjoy the weather yesterday. However, I edge ever closer to completion. The I'd say I've got about 5-7 more pages to write, then I need to read through the thing on paper and add and subtract and tighten and such, and then I need to deal with the notes, and then the works cited, and then I'm done. All of this can easily be accomplished today/tomorrow. I just know it can.
  • Pet peeve of mine: when Americans use the phrase "spot on." It just feels like such an affectation.
  • Another pet peeve of mine is the fact that the only messages that ever seem to be posted to my department listserv are the equivalent of junk mail. And most often the people who post to the list are either a) grinding personal axes or b) advertising personal pet projects and whether it's a) or b) those messages are absolutely irrelevant to me and to most everybody else. And don't even get me started about people who forward shit to the list that is "funny" and intended to brighten people's days. Know what would brighten my day? If you stop posting irrelevant crap to the list and clogging up my inbox with it.
  • I wish that I were a cat and could spend my morning napping in a patch of sunlight. It sucks to be human.
  • You know what's delicious? Lowfat granola and vanilla nonfat yogurt. Delicious and nutritious.
  • You know what's not delicious? The coffee that I made this morning. I think I miscounted the number of scoops I put in the coffeemaker or something.
  • You know what's surprising? My fall course, Studies in Notoriously, Obscenely Difficult Novels, already has 6 students enrolled. And we're still only on seniors in the pre-registration schedule. I can only think that this is the case because of the time when the course is being offered or something. I find it tremendously hard to believe that this course is really attracting students without any effort on my part and without them actually knowing me in all cases but one. Bizarre.
  • Can you tell I'm procrastinating? I just found myself thinking that maybe I should take a nap. It's only 10:20 AM, people. And I only woke up at 9 AM. Pathetic.
  • So probably that means I should get back to work.

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