Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crazy's Workload, Day Two

1.25 hours - teaching
.5 hours - meeting re: admin thing
.5 hours - email
1 hour - office hours for admin thing (I could count this as 1.5, but since I didn't accomplish much (i.e., anything) I figure it makes sense to give myself a penalty.)
1 hour - looking at materials related to publication I'm advising
.75 hours - Pointless Meeting
.5 hours - grading

5.5 hours

(As with yesterday, I'll update should I do anything else tonight, though I think the possibility of that happening is very small indeed.)


ceresina said...

Why do you penalize yourself for not accomplishing anything? If you weren't trying, yes, but if you were consistently trying to get things done, that's still work. In any work culture, no matter what the efficiency experts say.

Belle said...

I contest the penalty. Just because there's no end product immediately evident, the fact that you're there and working on something counts.

Personally, I think you deserve double time for pointless meeting. Think of the energy expended not throttling the people who kept things from getting done.