Monday, December 04, 2006

On the Lam

Well, I could have stayed in Grading Jail, or maybe spent some time in prepping jail, tonight, but instead I went to dinner and the movies (Casino Royale - meh) with BFF. It was good escapist fun, and I think good judgment ultimately to avoid work and home this evening. That said, now I'm home I feel like I wasted the whole night. Oh, and I came home to three messages (and people never call me! What the heck!) and like four emails from students (annoying, will respond tomorrow). Whatever. I'm going to drink some sleepytime tea and go to sleep. Wow. This might be my most boring blog post ever.

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itinerarium said...

For those of us trapped in both grading-jail and prepping-hell, it sounds like an impossibly riotous, carefree, fabulous existence.