Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Evening Addendum

First of all, it was a pretty good day, in spite of the crap weather, demanding students, meetings with committees, etc. I came home, and the Man-Kitty was extra-special snuggly in honor of the crap weather, so we had some quality time, and there was a very productive nap as the centerpiece to that qual. time.

In other news, no news today (because I've decided just to be boring on my blog until I get some freaking news). At least not for me.

But one of the jobs on my list apparently has sent out at least one rejection, at least according to the wiki, which was invented by a villain who really wants to drive people crazy for the wiki actually makes this process worse, I must say, as when i was on the market last time there was no wiki and I think I was less - not more - freaked out when I'd not heard anything from places. Last time I took that as a "no news is good news" sign, which while not true was at least more edifying for me as a job-seeker, whereas now I'm checking that damned wiki a hundred times a day and when somebody hears from a place - even if it's not one of my places - and I don't hear anything I assume I'm doomed. Not healthy.

I've decided the best way to try to solve this problem tonight is to get chinese food for dinner, so that I can then see what my fortune cookie has to say about my potential fortune in the near future. (Yes, I believe in fortune cookie fortunes. I also believe in Chinese food on blustery cold nights.)

Edited to add at approximately 6:30:
Dr. Crazy's fortune: "You will be unusually successful in business." I am feeling SO much better.


Cheeky Prof said...

So, do you think if I skip the seafood I'd picked up for tonight, order in Chinese, and read my fortune cookie that there is any chance it would read, "You will get tenure"?!

Dr. Crazy said...

Well. I think the fortune cookie would probably say something more along the lines of, "With hard work comes the greatest rewards," but yes. The fortune cookie would tell you that you will get tenure :)

(My whole fortune cookie fixation began my first time on the market, when I ordered chinese food to my hotel at MLA and my fortune told me something along the lines of, "you will get a campus interview.")

Terri Porter said...

where is this wiki you mention? sounds cool.

Dr. Crazy said...

The English Lit version of the academic job search wiki is here:

negativecapability said...

Dude, I think that wiki is evil and I'm not even on the market this year. It's allowing me to begin projecting my anxiety all the way into NEXT year.

I believe in fortune cookies, too. :) I bet you get an interview.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for a little while. Enjoy it!

I'm smiling at your post. I gotta get a fortune cookie! Funny, because I looked at them in the grocery store and thought of buying them. Can you have too many fortune cookies?

(I posted before but didn't know if it went through...nothing showed up)

Anonymous said...

laughing at how cool your fortune cookie is. mine never is! it's always numbers and crap.

and you say you have no news!