Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas! Hello!

Ok, so I'm sitting here and I should be doing final interview preparations, but I thought I should check in to wish you all a happy holiday and say hello and give an update on my activities over the past almost-week. I shall do so in a random bullets fashion, as I can't really get it together to do a decent post at the moment.

  • So I didn't get on the road until 2:20 PM (the oil change took a hundred years because there was a line and then the kitty-cat had to get his nails done - we had a lot to do before we could get on the road - but I did make it to my mom's by 6 so that was cool.
  • Thursday I went shopping with my mom and I bought a fabulous dress winter coat (which I've needed for about two years) for half-price, visited my Aunt Rita (who told the FILTHIEST joke I've heard in a while - those whom I meet at the blogger meet-up may be lucky enough to hear it) and finished my Christmas shopping for my step-dad.
  • Friday I got sucked into going to the store to make fruit baskets (don't ask) and I ate out like fifteen times. Then Friday night I went over to one of my best friend's and we along with her sister (also a good friend of mine) drank COPIOUS amounts of wine and then went to sleep at 10:30 PM ( because we're not the girls we once were).
  • Saturday my friend and I woke up and went to breakfast, then I went home and went to brunch with my mom and my cousin, and then I went to dinner with another friend from high school and bought the last of the presents for my mom. Then my mom and I baked cupcakes and brownies and I made that breakfast casserole thing I made for my students a couple of weeks ago.
  • Christmas Eve my mom and I ate the delicious breakfast casserole, then we went to visit my aunt and her family and I got to meet my cousin's new baby. God, I love babies. And they really love me, if I do say so myself. Must have one of those sometime. Then my mom and I went to her cousin's house and we saw his mom (my great aunt) and the rest of the family. Then we went to my stepdad's sisters - were there until 1 AM - and then we went to my stepdad's brother's (yes, at 1 AM) and were there until 2:30.
  • Yesterday we didn't go anywhere, and I made a delicious roast and just hung out with my parents.
So yes, it's been a very nice visit, although a very busy one. So today I'll finish my MLA preparations, and tomorrow I'll go to Philadelphia. Whew!

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