Monday, September 17, 2007

Things to Do

Ok, so my list of things to do today started out as a fairly lengthy one. It originally had 19 items on it, with items varying in difficulty from "organize student papers in order of their conferences" to "finish notes for major manuscript edits." So far, I have crossed 7 items off the list. This is pretty good given that it's only 1:25. Also, remember that I always feel fine if I just get through approx. 2/3 of any to-do list, so really if I just do 5 or six more things, I'll be happy with today's productivity. The question is, should I do the teaching stuff that I know I must do first (because I must do it) or does it make sense to do book manuscript stuff because since the teaching stuff *must* be done, I'll do it anyway, whereas if I do the teaching stuff first I probably will blow off the book stuff? And would it be useful to leave my house to work or would I accomplish more if I stay here? Hmmmm.

Update (because I know you care):
Ok, so I decided to stay home. I decided that going out would not ultimately help the productivity. I think I was kind of right. So far I have
1.) Gotten through 2/3 of the book manuscript.
2.) Prepped for one class tomorrow.

The problem is, this slogging through the book stuff is really exhausting. So I feel like i need to take a break from it, but what I want to take a break and do is nap, which is not at all on the list of things to do. Ok, perhaps I shall do a small item on the to-do list and then will allow a wee power-nap to rejuvenate.

(And yes, I know this crap is boring, but for whatever reason it's helpful to report to the blog periodically on days like this, when I'm really trying to do more than is humanly possible to do.)

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