Monday, September 10, 2007

RBOC: Sick on Monday Edition

  • That's right. I seem to have a head cold. It all started with waking up with a sore throat yesterday morning. At first I blamed my mom for this illness, because she'd been similarly sick last week, but that's crazy because I haven't actually seen my mom since July, and as much as I really do believe it's possible intuitively, intellectually I know that one can't pass cold germs telephonically.
  • Around 8 PM I realized that I actually probably have one of my administrators to blame for this malady. I knew I shouldn't have been "visible" and gone to that event on Friday.
  • In other whiny news, I also burnt the tip of my middle right finger while making a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday. That sucks.
  • I talked to FL on the phone last night in lieu of talking to my Long Distance Whatever-He-Is, which was the right thing to do as I'd not talked to FL in near a month (because he called on my birthday in the morning, now that I think of it), and what's pathetic is that as I turned off the light in my Nyquil induced haze, I actually felt bad that I didn't talk to my LDWHI. Like I "missed" having talked to him. It's really hard to balance one's life when one is feeling under the weather. That said, in another way I'm glad to have talked to FL, not in the least because he understands the protocol for pitying me when I am sick, and he does not offer suggestions for what would make me feel better (because I suspect he learned his lesson somewhere around 1992 related to that) but rather just effusively feels sorry for me (or pretends to) and so actually the constant flow of pity throughout the conversation did make me feel better.
  • So I slept for 9 hours last night. I just got out of the shower. I feel like I probably feel better than I did yesterday afternoon, but my plan is to make my stay at school as short as possible and come back home and rest more and continue with the drinking of fluids.
  • Chai tea is delicious when one is sick.
  • Did any of the rest of you watch the MTV Music Awards? Or at least the Britney show-opener? Because let me tell ya, I really thought that her comeback bid was not terribly energetic.
  • Ok, must go get on with it and go in to teach.


Seeking Solace said...

Yep. I have it too. Thankfully, I had one class this morning.

Get well soom.

The History Enthusiast said...

I thought Britney looked bored. Her facial expression was blank, and overall it lacked the spice I've come to expect from her. The whole thing just makes me sad; Britney and I are the same age, and so I guess I feel akin to her (but only a little). I hope she gets her life figured out....

kfluff said...

Poor little Brit-Brit. She indeed looked blank and stiff. I couldn't help but ask whether she was totally over the whole thing, or if she was scared stiff about whether she's washed up.

I hope you feel better!