Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day Two of the Terrible Malady

Which is just a raging head cold, but the problem is, I'm in need of my head these days, and the fuzzy feeling does not bode well for my classes today. The questions are these: 1) Will the theraflu daytime formula that I am drinking make me feel ok enough to teach? and 2) Is there any way that I can afford to cancel my classes and to stay home in bed?

I suppose a third question would be whether there is any way not to cancel my classes but at the same time not to use the amount of energy that what is planned for today would on the surface seem to require?

I think that the third option is probably the most realistic one. I'm not going to feel magically my normal well self with the aid of medicine - just better than the crappy way I felt when I woke up. While canceling classes would probably be best, as if I try to teach I shall spread germs (a) and be less effective (b), the bottom line is that if I lose today's class, I don't know how I will make up the time. But then I think that maybe I would know how to make up the time if I weren't sick?

Ok, I'm thinking.... And I'm feeling like maybe taking the sick day is the thing to do. I do feel better than I felt yesterday, but whereas yesterday I felt like I was operating at about 20%, today I only feel up to 40 or 50%. In order to teach my T/H schedule well, I really need to be at least at 75%. Dammit. Looks like my decision is made.


Kate said...

I'm glad you're taking a sick day. It sounds like the most rational thing to do.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Good for you. I haven't taken a sick day yet, but I think that's a holdover from my TA days, when I felt like I just couldn't. Now, I realize, if I'm really sick, I should just stay home. You are modeling good, non-martyrly behavior here.

Sisyphus said...

Your titles have a wonderful Harry Potter flavor to them (at least this one does).