Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grand Opening

So Crazy and Medusa have known one another, we realized just recently, for just about ten years. Indeed, it is our 10th anniversary. In honor of this, we've decided to open up a new watering hole - Crazy Medusa's Lounge - and, indeed, the grand opening will be on Saturday, a celebration of the anniversary of our friendship and a celebration of blogging with cocktails. I'll provide more details as Saturday September 22 approaches, but mark your calendars and your bookmarks: the party starts Saturday, probably around 7 pm :)


gwoertendyke said...

wow, that is so cool and the lounge looks amazing...can't wait to see you wonderful women produce together.

k8 said...

Is there a cover charge or something like a two drink minimum?

Dr. Crazy said...

There is no cover charge, and our establishment is strictly BYOB, though we do recommend a two drink minimum :)