Sunday, September 23, 2007

How Not to Finish the Book You're Writing in Five Easy Steps

  1. Decide on Friday night to have a "party" online, which involves drinking the better part of a bottle of wine as you simultaneously listen to music, write blog posts, talk on the phone, and interact with the party guests. You will think this kind of "party" is a safer bet than actual going out in the world in terms of your potential for productivity the next day. About this you will be wrong.
  2. Wake up Saturday morning suffering from confusion and a massive head ache. Return to bed.
  3. Think to yourself, "Self, you're a little groggy," when indeed you do wake up, and continue, "Perhaps if you play computer games for a little bit this will get your brain working. Civilization is very strategic, after all."
  4. Five hours later, realize that you didn't get any work done. This inspires you to attempt to do some reading. Read 20 pages and fall asleep for two hours.
  5. Wake up and play a bit more of Civilization, until finally you're so sick of yourself that you straighten up the living room and move all of the stuff that had been on your to-do list to other slots in your calendar in the upcoming week. And then surrender to your procrastination, feeling horrible about yourself but still choosing not to work and to feel horrible instead of choosing to work and to feel good.

Today has also been unproductive re: the book, but I gave myself permission for that last night when I reorganized my calendar. No, today I got up, went to the grocery store to stock up on actual healthy and non-fattening food, and now I'm cheffing some things up for what promises to be a long week ahead. At least I will have delicious food that has the power to give me energy as I go forward into Red Alert Book Mode.

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Nik said...

Glad to know we could help.
Seriously, the weekend was kind of a total loss in these parts as well.
Better luck this week.