Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ANTM into Gossip Girl

Ok, so I saw that the premiere of America's Next Top Model was on, and this inspired me to grade. Still inspired, I hung in there through the premiere of the GG show. I have no idea what the GG show is about. I will say this though: I like their taste in music :) I decided this particularly when I heard the Cold War Kids "Hang Me Up to Dry" song :)

But so yes: I graded. One batch of papers was a pretty perfunctory checking sort of exercise. I'll probably skim them tomorrow and make some comment in class, but they really didn't require lengthy marginal comments. And then I went through reaction papers from my "gross" class. I have to say, I love reading these. It's so interesting reading their progressive reactions through the texts, and being able to have a real conversation with them through these papers. Perhaps because I was so en"gross"ed in these reactions, I couldn't register anything other than the soundtrack to the GG show.

This class is such an amazing experience for me, both because of student reactions as well as because of the reactions of my colleagues. Everybody - and I mean everybody - is excited about the possibilities of this course. It makes me wonder why I'm the one who finally proposed it, to be honest. I mean, why did people think that our students couldn't handle it, when clearly everybody in the whole world thinks that the topic is of interest? That said, I am glad that it's my baby. I'm glad that I'm defining in some fashion what this course means. And I'm glad I have a section of it scheduled for next semester, which will help to solidify that definition.

So, the one thing that I didn't do today/tonight was work on the book. This is ok. There's no house on fire for me to do what is left to be done. Tomorrow plus the weekend is soon enough. And now I'm ahead of myself with prep and classes, so tomorrow plus the weekend can really be devoted to the book. This is all good.

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