Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wishes She Were the Man-Kitty

No, really. All he has to do is to lay around on my chair, sleeping on his back with his eyes open (which is totally creepy, and which I think is evidence of his utter laziness - he can't even be bothered to close his eyes properly - and also I should note that sometimes he sleeps with his mouth open and snores, which I think is just totally not an appropriate thing for a cat to do). He doesn't need to read books that he doesn't want to read. He doesn't need to do crap around the house. He doesn't need to go run errands, or worry about what to make for dinner. No. He gets to lay around, to meow when he wants his dinner, and every now and then chase Mr. Stripey around the house or use kitten telepathy to make Mr. Stripey kill a bug or something while he watches. Must be nice.

Ok, enough with the whining. I have about 10 books that I really need to get through, but I have absolutely no interest in looking at any of them. However, what I have an interest in doing is not what matters here. I will soldier on, and I will force myself to get through at least a couple. There's really nothing else for it.

In other news, I find people who beat dead horses really, really boring.

Yeah, I think that's all. I have to force myself to do work now, even though it hurts my feelings.


Anonymous said...

Have nice glass of MFJ while you read that crap.

undine said...

I envy my cat, too, and for the same reasons. Just saying.

Susan said...

Crazy Cat has just spent some time chasing the laser mouse, and is now sacked out across my desk. I have work to do.
Like you, I think my cats have a good life!