Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meow! I'm Still Here! Hurrah!

You may wonder what I've been doing these days. I realize that I am a very Mysterious Man-Kitty, and that people are always very interested in my activities. Well. Living in the House of Crazy isn't so easy, I must say. There's the stress of writing, the irritation over house-cleaning, the many, many phone calls, which typically wake me from my most essential beauty sleep. That said, one thing I have realized through these turbulent times is that a thing I love most is lounging on my back. I often flop onto my back even when not asleep, and my Mama thinks maybe because I have a hot belly? It is hard to know. Although she doesn't believe that this sort of position is a normal position for most kitties to choose, when not asleep. But this is the position that I choose. Indeed, I am most adorable when in this position. You do not believe me. Take a gander, my friends:

How can you resist me? For I am glorious, am I not? And indeed, this is how I lie at my Mama's feet when she is busily working at the computer. Don't you wish I lived at your house? Don't lie. I know that you wish this. For I am the Man-Kitty. And I am, indeed, the most fabulous of kitty-cats. Imagine petting my exposed belly. Imagine the joy of the purrs that I shall offer you. You cannot resist. For I am the Man-Kitty.

(Although I should probably note that if I lived at your house I would wake you before sunrise, I would attack people whom you love, and I would also whine for treats every morning just before you leave for work, as if treats were a prerequisite for you leaving. Just FYI.)


k8 said...

Cute! My cat use to do this all of the time. I chose to see it as an act of love and trust since that is really one of the most vulnerable positions she could be in.

Man-Kitty's fur looks very lush!

Brigindo said...

All hail the Man-Kitty for he is truly glorious!

heu mihi said...

I cannot resist! I cannot! Oh god! What to do with my need to pet a kitty? What to do???

Sisyphus said...


(you realize of course that the belly-offering is really an evil trick to get your hands close enough to "play" with and really sink some kitty teeth and claws into...)

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Oh, the gorgeousness of Man-Kitty!

Youngest Cat lolls like this all the time, but he also stretches both front legs over his head! It gives very convenient access to what I call the Armpits of Joy (seriously, I can't resist scritching the armpits, or the cat version thereof, anyway).

And Youngest Cat, sadly, also wakes well before sunrise. Eldest Cat has been pretty perky recently (I think we've got the right meds for him), and for the last three nights he's been waking me up EVERY TWO HOURS. Between the two of them, I'm an utter wreck.

Um, yeah, I am the quintessential geeky cat lady blogger. Just in case you were wondering.

Susan said...

Man-Kitty IS indeed a very gorgeous cat. But he doesn't mention walking across the computer keyboard to help you write. My cat used to help me produce some very interesting sentences, sort of like this:

Maude Lebowski said...

ah, behold the man-kitty in all his glorious beauty. me thinks me'd like to scratch your belly dude.

K said...

I just want to be able to reach into my computer screen and rub his tummy.

Belle said...

Mrrrowww! What a Man-Kitty!