Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth Much?

Apparently, someone is not happy with his recently bestowed new pseudonym. First he's Mr. I Beg for Bloggy Attention, and then he complains about the kind he receives. A girl can't win. Clearly.

Also, clearly, someone doesn't understand that when I call him a "muse" I'm not feminizing him exactly (ok, well maybe I kind of am, but if you knew him you'd see how funny it all was and ironic and everything).... but rather it's a compliment. The best description of the muse as far as I'm concerned is from Patricia Duncker's Hallucinating Foucault:

"The Muse is usually a piece of narcissistic nonsense in female form. Or at least that's what most men's poetry reveals. I would rather a democratic version of the Muse, a comrade, a friend, a traveling companion, shoulder to shoulder, someone to share the cost of this long, painful journey. Thus the Muse functions as a collaborator, sometimes as antagonist, the one who is like you, the other, over against you."

But someone is too macho to be that. Any suggestions for what we should call him? A few do come to mind, but I thought you all might like to express your creativity.


helenesch said...

It's been than being called FB (fake boyfriend), isn't it? I think it's a nice pseudonym....

Anonymous said...

Controlsalot? Picky McGee? Cant Be Pleased?

I don't know. Whatever. :)

Maude Lebowski said...

finicky mcfinklestein.


Horace said...

I didn't know anyone else had read that Duncker book! That rocks.

Karet said...

I know I'm way late on this, but are you familiar with Ezra Pound’s 1922 letter to T. S. Eliot about The Waste Land?:

These are the poems of Eliot
By the Uranian Muse begot;
A Man their Mother was,
A Muse their sire.

How did the printed Infancies result
From Nuptials thus doubly difficult?

If you must needs enquire
Know diligent Reader
That on each Occasion
Ezra performed the Caesarean Operation…
etc. etc.