Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Inauspicious Start to the Day

I was just awakened by a maintenance guy ringing my doorbell repeatedly because they thought my water heater had busted and was leaking into the unit below. As you might imagine, I was disoriented. It became clear that it was in fact the unit above mine that's the problem. Anywho, in my disoriented and sleepy state, all I could think about was that the maintenance dude looked like Don Cheadle. Like really a lot. Like, I kept wanting to say, "Hey, has anybody ever told you that you look like Don Cheadle?"

No point in going back to sleep now, really, so have decided to make coffee.


Anonymous said...

hahaha I always want to say stuff like that.

dr zombieswan said...

Ugh. Look at that timestamp!! EARLY!! :) I hope you got to take a nap later.