Thursday, January 05, 2006

Up and Running

And only.... 2 hours wasted faking my way through the html that I do not understand in order to effect tiny little color changes that probably only I care about. But, dude, I couldn't deal with the brown of the original start-up template, and I did want a change from the old template at the old blog, even if I do remain steadfast in my commitment to orange. But yes, so now I've transferred my blogroll (and this would be a good time for me to invite anybody who'd like to be added to give me a shout) and I've added a counter and I believe that I am ready and raring to go. I've got few different posts on my mind, and I am going to invite y'all to vote about which you'd like me to do this afternoon.

  1. Why I think the whole Elexa line that Trojan has come out with is (in fact) a sucky thing for women (because I may have moved my virtual house but that doesn't mean I've had a brain transplant and that I no longer will write about such topics).
  2. A continued meditation on the whole "reassigned time" thing, as I really can wax poetic about it in relation to many different topics and I only barely scratched the surface in my first post.
  3. A getting-ready-for-teaching post (though I have a feeling that can wait for at least a few days).
  4. None of the above, because now that I've written out the topics they are actually kind of lame.

The truth of it is, I want to blog but what I need to do is to

  1. Finish my syllabi so that they can be sent to the copy center so that I do not have to copy them.
  2. Get the first few assignments ready for the same reason as #1.
  3. Eat lunch. {Aside: Lunch will be delicious, as one of my new year's resolutions is to cook something delicious at least four times a week, and healthy, as another of my new year's resolutions is to lose the smoking weight. Thus, I will be eating my delicious four-bean chili, made with black, canneloni, light and dark red kidney beans, ground sirloin (about a pound), one onion (medium-large, depending on how much you like onion), garlic, red pepper flakes, green pepper, carrots, celery, salt, pepper, either a jalapeno or other hot pepper, stewed tomatoes, one can of tomato paste, and .... oh yes, a dash or two of tobasco. This makes about eight servings, and it's great to freeze and reheat. Yay! Dr. Crazy is keeping one of her resolutions. Incidentally, does anybody else notice that when one is trying to have a less calorie-laden diet that eating spicy food really goes a long way toward not feeling miserable? That and my love of peanutbutter on celery really goes a long way toward sticking with it....)
  4. Reply to about four or five emails that are really important (sigh).

What I'll probably do is 1 and 2, read some blogs, maybe even do another post myself, and say fuck it and go to the gym. Love the gym, even if the workers are a little too peppy and friendly in my estimation.

Oh, and thank you all for coming to my new place! Actually, that's a fifth potential post - something about the weirdness of deciding to move and how that relates to blogging as an experiment in writing voice for me. So yes, vote on what you'd like to hear about from me or (and this might be more interesting) make any requests for posts that you might like that I've not thought of. Yes. Ok, time for lunch. Feeling like I may starve to death.


Pink Cupcake said...

I vote for 1, 2 or 5.

Do you also put raisins on top of the peanut butter on celery? One of my grad school friends does that and calls it 'ants on a log', but I've never never heard of anyone else who does...But perhaps that's because I'm not from the States and we English just don't do the PB thing!?

EmmaNadine said...

When I was little my mom would do the raisin/peanutbutter/celery thing and call it ants on a log. She was from California.

Dr. Virago said...

I think ants on a log is a US-wide thing. My midwestern mother did it, too.

Anyway, Dr. Crazy, more on "reassigned time" would be a good post. I know a lot of schools like yours that tell job candidates that it's "easy" to get reassigned time without telling them all that it entails (the applications, the other duties, etc.). So you might be doing some of your readers a benefit, especially as campus visit season is here.

And, um, I'd love to be on your blogroll, pretty please. And when I get around to updating mine, I'll put your new site.

Dr. Crazy said...

Consider yourself blogrolled Dr. Virago :) Incidentally, I'm from the midwest and didn't hear about ants on a log until I was an adult. I think this may be because I didn't really get into raisins as a kid, though. I'll have to ask my mom.

Seeking Solace said...

I vote for all of the above. Plus, I would love to hear how the quitting smoking and working out is going. I started working out again because I need to do it for health reasons and to maintain my sanity. Encouragement from others is often the best reason to get off the couch.

My husband and I resolved to work out and eat healthier. Both of us need to shed a few pounds. Even the dog has gotten a little chubby! Both of us love to cook, but when things are hectic, we would just fall back on take out. What’s amazing is that you can make a healthy meal in the time it takes to wait for the pizza delivery guy. (Whoa, I sound like Rachel Ray!)

Your chili sounds delish. Indian food is also a good spicy choice!

I would be honored to be on your blogroll. I have been a follower for a while. I also have you on my blogroll. Pretty please with celery and peanut butter on top?

Cats & Dogma said...

I have opinions on Elexa myself, but not enough write a post, so here's a hurrah for that.

Also, try adding a bit of cinnamon, turmeric, coriander and clove to your chili: It'll make the flavors that much more complex.

CharlieAmra said...

I vote for 1 (because I am interested in your opinion on this topic) or 2 (since I am not familiar with "reassigned time").

Robert Talbert said...

I'd vote for your blogging the full details of the chili recipe. Sounds yummy. Barring that, I vote for option #3.

And since you solicited it, can I be on your blogroll?
I just added you to mine (which is small but growing fast).

Dr. Crazy said...

Those of you who requested to be added to the blogroll, consider yourself added.

Ok, going to go make a post about something now, rather than to do the equivalent of a post in comments :)

Starving for Wisdom said...

I vote for 1. Sounds interesting.
Re the spicy comment... you are the first person that I ever heard say that besides me but I am ALL about the spicy now that I'm trying to eat well.

Dr. Virago said...

RE ants on a log, again. Maybe it's a 1950s housewife thing (midwestern or otherwise)? That's what my mom is/was, anyway.

Dr. Virago said...

Oh, and thanks for blogrolling me! :)