Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is Summer Over or Just Beginning?

Lots of people are posting about the work they're trying to get accomplished over the summer, and I'm too lazy to link but head on over to Notorious Ph.D.'s, Historiann's, Bardiac's, Maude's, and I'm sure other places I'm forgetting if you want to read what I'm reading.

But so anyway, my house is now mostly together (I still have a few things to sort out in the Nook - and yes, I'll show you pictures when I'm done) and so on the one hand I'm feeling sort of like it's been forever since I did any intellectual work, like I've spent (wasted?) the whole summer moving, but on the other hand summer only technically began a day ago, and so really summer is only just beginning. I suppose I just feel a bit out of it - I don't have a routine, and I don't really have a plan.

Today, however, I did read an essay for a journal which was in many ways terrible but which maybe with a HUGE amount of revision could not be terrible, so that was positive and a step toward finding my research mojo again. Tomorrow, I'm finally going to do the revisions that I've been sitting on for nearly a year, revisions for an article that is accepted for publication pending those revisions. Maybe I'll go to the library, too. I like the library. And then? Well, and then I'll need to begin writing the NB. My plan is to get myself into a routine of trying to put something on paper for 3 hours a day. If I do that for a couple of weeks, I should then be in a position to see where I am and to start getting more solid in terms of a plan for moving forward. I actually am pretty excited about all of the above, but I also feel sort of like, "Ew! I just want to lounge around! It's still summer! Wah!"

So anyway, that's the state of things in the House of Crazy.


Ann said...

There's work, and then there's *blogging* about all the work you should be doing. That's what's happening in this corner of the world-wide non peer-reviewed internets!

Give yourself a break. After all, you've got leave this year, right? Grab a fun novel and lay in the hammock for an afternoon already.


Anonymous said...

I still have a few things to sort out in the Nook[.]

That's what I'm fucking talking about!