Monday, June 07, 2010


So. I was one of the lucky people for whom blogger didn't work for much of the day today, and lemme tell ya - I was not pleased! I was going to write a post about something or other, but I forget what now because I had to unpack instead of blogging!

I'm in pretty good shape on the unpacking, if I do say so myself. I've got 1 box to deal with in the living room, and about 4 boxes to deal with in the dining room. Other than that, I need to unpack and organize clothes, but I'm not terribly worried about doing that before my mom arrives Wednesday for a week.

I know you've all been dying for pics... I'll post some house pictures once my mom and I finish our Week of Nesting. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy some pics of the kitties. Problematically, however, the camera remains packed somewhere, so all I've got are crappy camera phone pictures. You all will have to make do with those.

So, first, you may wonder how they felt about packing up the only home they'd ever known. Here are some pre-move pictures.
As you might notice, the Man-Kitty appeared to be on board with the move in the beginning. Indeed, he was all ready to be packed up with some books. In contrast, Mr. Stripey remained somewhat suspicious, and spent his time perched and watching the proceedings like a hawk.

On the other end of the move, however, the Man-Kitty was much less enthusiastic. He's just not good with change. It exhausts him.

In contrast, Mr. Stripey found himself energized and ecstatic on the other side. Here is a picture of him torturing a half-dead dragon-fly:
So, yay that blogger works for me again. Boo that I am now to preoccupied with other things to do a real post. Yay that I have gotten around to posting some kitty pics, but boo that I have yet to locate my real camera. I suppose that's all for now :)


undine said...

Cardboard box + cat = cat happiness. We like the cat pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cat pics, definitely 90% of the reason to show up at The Internet anyways, right? Plus I am a sucker for adorable cats.

Belle said...

Man-Kitty is just glorious; Mr Stripey? Well, I've loved him since before you got him!

Bardiac said...

Fun pics :)

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Greetings from Basement Cat and the rest of the gang---may there be many bugs, boxes, and other delights in your new home.

rented life said...

Love the kitty pictures! Ours don't do so hot with change either. Your camera phone is way better than mine!

PhysioProf said...

Man-kitty is bored by Virginia Woolf.

Sisyphus said...


Doctor Pion said...

At last!

Man-Kitty's choice for comfort literature is ... interesting.

PS - You really need to do something about the chinese spam in the comments.